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Academic Assistance


One of the things that makes Teachers of the Visually Impaired unique is that they are all Masters level special education teachers. In that regard, who better to offer academic assistance and tutoring to our subset of the special education population: visually impaired students.

EVISION ACADEMY teachers use their expertise and classroom experience to create a unique program for students that includes a blend of instruction and academic intervention.

One of the largest jobs that a TVI has is addressed with our programming. We use videos, live lessons and student, teacher, parent email correspondence to participate in a meaningful way in the academic enrichment of our students.

We work well with building administrators, other classroom teachers, specialists, team leads, staff and parents to help create an experience for our students that makes their visual impairment only a part of their academic record. We strive to help our students overcome in a way that is real, quantifiable and authentic.

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