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Direct Services

Direct Services are an important part of any Special Education department.


The ability to provide instruction is often a fundamental part of a student IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and ultimately, their progress and success.

Unfortunately, many districts have only a small visually impaired staff and struggle to provide these hours.

Many factors including: travel and distance between schools, caseload makeup and conditions that students are facing…The amount of support that is needed in certain classrooms, or schools…or for specific students…Or let’s face it…the number of braille readers and the ratio to staff numbers.

All of these factors can make it challenging to provide effective, high quality direct instruction.

That is why we created our service.

We believe that by eliminating the travel and providing fun and engaging classes to VI students, we have changed and improved the efficiency of our profession.

We think that you will agree and…We hope to be

your district solution…So what are you waiting for?

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