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If you are a district official, you may register your students by completing this REGISTRATION FORM. You may also hold space for up to 30 days by pre-registering HERE. If you are a parent and would like more information about our program so that you can speak to your district about services for your child, please contact us HERE. We will send you a free report on our services and how they can help your child to succeed by understanding their vision impairment.

Please submit the completed form by email to:

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How do I register students in my district?

Each student receives one visually limited class per week and has access to content classes as available to enhance their performance in their school-based academic classes. Classes available are based on the track the student is enrolled in within Evision Academy Programs. Classes are led by state certified, visually limited teachers.

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How are your classes structured?

Visually Limited students have a wide range of needs because visual impairment affects so many areas of academic progress. We have classes that teach within all areas of the Expanded Core, Braille Reading & Writing, Orientation and Mobility, Assistive Technology, Daily Living & Social Skills. We assist students with academic deficiencies and provide tutoring in many different areas. 

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What can I get help with?
Do you attend meetings and write reports?

Yes! Although our basic class registration includes a written progress report for the annual meeting, we are able to virtually attend meetings, complete assessments (3 year or initial) and write VARs (Vision Assessment Reports). ** We also offer parent, teacher, para-educator training web classes. ** Speak to an Evision Academy associate for more details.

** Additional Cost for these services.

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Evision Academy is a great supplement to your current visually limited teacher and/or staff. Because we have eliminated travel, prepared awesome curriculum and are serving after years of experience in the field, we believe our services will only make your program stronger. We truly enjoy working with other VI professionals and welcome the chance to assist with large caseloads or students with braille instruction needs.

What if we have a vision teacher?

Students will able to access each class through a special link once a week. They will also have access to the library of recorded classes for the year. They will be able to attend the live webclass or follow up later and watch the recording. This means that vision services are prepared and learning is assured. Classes are high in quality and students can refer back throughout the year.

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How will students access the classes?
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