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Evision Academy Programs is your gateway to transformative professional development training and cutting-edge braille & visually impaired curriculum solutions.


Braille Instruction is arguably, the most important part of any Visually Limited program. However, it is also the most often neglected aspect of a student's curriculum. 


Braille can be challenging to teach because of the time and practice that are required from both teacher and student. Many vision teachers have large caseloads at many different schools and struggle to find the time to effectively work with a new braille learner.


At Evision Academy, we believe that basic braille knowledge is a fundamental part of what should be introduced to a visually impaired student.


We offer support in the form of braille learning kits, teacher reporting software, assessments, activities and so much more!

The VI ToolKit

With our expertly crafted braille & visually impaired student curriculum, teachers can confidently deliver tailored instruction, ensuring every student has equal access to a quality education. Our comprehensive training programs empower educators and school districts to enhance their skills and knowledge, fostering an inclusive and empowering learning environment for visually impaired students.

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