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Proven Success: Compliance; State Certified Teachers;
Experience is key

Visually Limited Teachers and staff have been in short supply for decades. But, as qualified staff retire and/or leave the field due to larger workloads and increased paperwork, providing certified teachers who keep your schools compliant with federal law is harder than ever. If you do manage to find a VI teacher, they are often new to the field, lacking significant experience. This makes it hard to provide insight, consultation and training for teachers who are working with VI students everyday, which as a district, you need from specialized staff.

Customized Learning 

IEPs.....As much as we want them to provide individualized learning, much of the time, staffing and distance constraints limit our ability to be creative. With our online platform, we can provide consultative services to teachers that  are informative and organized. We can provide services to students that are targeted and helpful. Time wasters like mileage and travel are eliminated. They are replaced by accountability and feedback. We also participate in IEP meetings and create the reports to substantiate services.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

As we move into a world where technology surrounds us at every moment, we don't want our schools to be the place where we lag behind. Most industries regularly utilize conferencing technology to meet and discuss ideas, provide insight on projects and collaborate with peers daily. Visually Impaired students face many challenges in their classrooms and in life. Vision services delivered online gives them the chance to speak with not only teachers who understand but in many cases, meet and collaborate with other students who are just like them. This can make all the difference in the world.

Innovation; Curriculum; and Money Savings

Let's face it. Saving money is important. Our services while being cutting edge and innovative are also extremely economical compared to the cost of staffing full-time certified visually limited teachers. Because, we provide services to several districts at once, we are able to cut costs. This gives districts, schools and communities more money to put towards other needs for students. We also have a curriculum that we developed from experience and knowledge of both the common core and expanded core curriculum.  

Got Braille??
In the News
Why Megan is Learning Braille

Megan's mother learned that she would be partially sighted at birth. At first, she was sure that Megan would be fine without learning braille. With all of the technological advances available now, why would she need it? She gained new perspective after listening to the experience of her cousin Kris who had grown up as a visually impaired (partially sighted) child who had never been given the opportunity to learn braille.

The Law As It Pertains to Braille Instruction In School

Passing a law is one thing. Getting it enforced and, more to the point, accepted, is quite another. Laws tend to be a reflection of public opinion, not a creator of it. They give a final nudge to new reality. With respect to Braille, there can be no doubt that the climate of public opinion has changed dramatically during the past decade. Once again, Braille is becoming the centerpiece in the education of blind people, just as print is for sighted people.

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